This is one of the most unique guitars I have ever owned. It has a tone unlike any I have heard. The design is no longer made by Zion, which is a shame because it is original and has a glued in neck. The fingerboard is of a man-made material and is very smooth. The neck is extremely stable. I have always wondered what it would sound like with a Fender-style tremelo or a stationary bridge. But the real key to this guitar's unique sound is mainly in the pickups and the way they are controled. It has a three EMG pickups, two SA's in the neck and middle, and a telecaster in the bridge. It has a three position switch for the bridge and neck pickups (like a Tele) and a separate volumn control for the middle pickup. This extra control allows mixing of the middle pickup, which gives everything in between a Tele and a Strat as well as the option of all three pickups. The EMG Tele pickup has more "snap" than any pickup I've heard. You can here this in the comparisons, as I only used the bridge pickup in the comparisons. As an added bonus, it has the EMG mid boost control. This gives everything from a well defined humbucking sound to a Strat or Tele. All with that punchy "snap". I have used this guitar on almost every album since On Fire.
Zion Powerglide
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