Garage Sale
Rolls Stereo Line Mixer
This is a 1 rack unit line mixer. It has 10 stereo inputs. Each input has a level, balance, and aux send level control. It has tape in and out. Tape in has a level control. Also it has an aux out and in with a level control on the aux in. It has stereo main outputs and a headphone output.  It is a clean handy mixer that can be used for keyboards, guitar effects, drums etc. SOLD!

ADA MP1 midi tube preamp
This is "Da Bomb" as far as high gain preamps.  Although no longer made, these preamps have an avid following and sell for high dollars on Ebay.  This one I have had since they came out.  It has had the front rivets replaced and one of the outputs doesn't seem to work right but I only ever needed one output anyway.  You can program anything from solid state clean to all out thrash. SOLD!

I will be happy to autograph anything you buy if you would like!
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