I hacked around in my 20's but since leaving the road I have been taking lessons and I have really been having fun playing.  I am a member of an indoor tennis club so I play all year long. I follow professional tennis and watch all the tournments. I have also recently bought a stringer and now string all my racquets and string for a few friends. It is a great hobby and allows me to experiment with tensions and strings much easier and cheaper than before. Sorry! I don't have any "action shots" of my playing!
My Hobbies

I have enjoyed having a chance to fish again.  It is a great pastime and I have even caught a few good ones...like this guy!  BTW, he went safely back into the lake, so maybe I'll catch him again!
Digital Photography
I have enjoyed photography for many years but I have held off on buying a digital camera until a few years ago. I bought a Sony camera and I have been having a great time with it. It has certainly come in handy while working on this web site. I am still learning how to use it but right out of the box it is taking pictures that rival my 35mm.
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