I found this abandoned orphan at the Guitar Center in Hollywood in 1976. I needed to replace a guitar that got stolen so I decided to go with a "fixer-upper". This guitar was in such sad shape but I was looking for good wood. The sunburst finish that someone tried to put on it had a lacquer job that peeled off the back of the neck in one piece! After doing some research, I determined that it must be a pre-1959 Les Paul Junior, or a "TV" model. I immediately took the guitar to a craftsman who routed a neck pickup, installed a toggle switch, and added the extra volume and tone control. I then stripped the guitar down to it's mahogany and sprayed a coat of clear lacquer on itthat has since rubbed off in places. It is now fitted with a Seymour Duncan JB pickup in the bridge and a Gibson humbucker in the neck. The mini-toggle is to split the JB into parallel and split mode. I played this guitar almost exclusively from 1976 till More Power To Ya in '83. It is the guitar I played Judas Kiss on. It is loaded with sustain and still really rocks! I played it as recently as Think Twice from No Doubt. It has very high frets, which helped me get used to the lack of reach high on the neck. It is the only Les Paul I have ever owned and has great sentimental value as well as a wonderful sound.
Custom Les Paul Jr.
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