Ibanez Talman
After using a Jerry Jones copy of an old Danelectro guitar on Right Place from the No Doubt recording, I really wanted to own a guitar with "lipstick" pickups. These pickups are lipstick copies made by Dan Armstrong's son. I also felt the price was right on this guitar. I believe it received a design award from one of the guitar magazines. The pickups are unshielded so at high gains they tend to be noisy but the sound is worth it! They have great highs and with the three pickup configuration, have no trouble getting Strat "in-between" tones. The tremelo, although not great, is functional. I have it set so that it comes back in contact with the body, which helps it to come back in tune. I love the neck! It seemes to be just the right size for me. I like a little beef in the neck as opposed to some of the Ibanez thin-line necks. Combined with a very cool retro body, I think this is a great value for a unique instrument with a unique tone.
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