When I saw this guitar advertised, I knew it was my chance to finally own a Gretsch! This "Country-Western" reissue is a beauty to behold as well as an example of "that great Gretsch sound". The gold hardware really sets off the bright orange color of this semi-solid body. Part of the uniqueness of the sound surely has to be the floating bridge. This thought keeps me from getting too upset when I happen to hit the bridge the wrong way and it moves from it's position! The inlays on the neck feature little etchings of "cowboy" things, such as bull horns, bows and arrows, etc. The pickups have a surprisingly high output, making the guitar fairly gritty, although it cleans up nicely at low gain settings. I bought this guitar to use on the Unseen Power recording and Dino has wanted it ever since! Of course, he'll have to buy his own, which I'm surprised he hasn't done yet. I have thought about putting this in a showcase in my home but I use it too much! I also used it frequently on No Doubt.
Gretsch Roundup Reissue
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