I bought this guitar as a dedicated controller for the Roland VG8, hence the hex pickup right in front of the bridge, and the extra switch and buttons. But I have grown to really love the sound of the guitar itself. The stock Fender single coil pickups are bright and crisp and have loads of character. Again, the single coil configuration is a challenge for high gain settings, but I find the tone to translate well through all the amps. It comes stock with medium high frets, which I really like. The only thing that has been hard for me to adjust to is the position of the master volume knob. I seem to always nudge the volume down as I play. I suppose one could get used to this over time and change techniques to remedy the problem but I haven't mastered it yet. The tremelo has worked very well for me, but I'm not doing any dive-bombs. I have had several guitars with locking tremelos, but I have grown to appreciate the tonal difference of a Fender style tremelo and many advances have been made in the design since the original. This is probably the brightest guitar of the comparisons I did. And it does work wonderfully for the VG8. A very nice instrument.
Fender American Standard Strat
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