I have always liked a variety of sounds as opposed to just one main sound. I really like all three of these amps for their individual uniqueness. The amps were set for "generic" sounds that typify their reputations. All three were played through a 4x12 cablinet loaded with Mesa Boogie speakers, miked with an SM57 positioned closely, and unchanged throughout the comparisons. This is the best way I know to really compare the sounds of different guitars and pickups. I hope it will be of interest to you as well.

      The Matchless:

      A 1x12 SC30 combo which is an excellent studio amp. Anything sounds good through it, and microphones love it! I used this amp quite a bit on No Doubt. It is the cleanest setting of the three, but you can here how different pickup strengths give it more or less "edge".

      The Marshall:

      This is a 1970 model "anodized", that has been totally reworked by Joel Terza. The four inputs have become clean, crunch, kill, and pre-amp out. This was set for a Marshall type of overdrive.

      The Egnater:

      Not a very well-known name because it is more of an esoteric company. It is a Mica 100w. model and it smokes. It has four channels and each one is killer. Probably the best amp I've ever heard. The guitars were played through the fourth and most overdriven channel with plenty of gain to spare!
About The Amps
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